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About me

Patrick 'Nitro' Miller

I am a freelance photographer in the West Palm Beach area offering photographic services for a variety of events and venues. Ever since I was a freshman in high school in the mid 60's, I have found photography to be a fun and intriguing hobby. My passion began with my enlistment in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam era where I was trained in the field of photography. Back then we shot with outdated Speed Graphics, (4 X 5 format), and a very old wooden 8 X 10 bellows camera. In the mid-70's, I was shooting weddings with 120 film format professional equipment. I have made quite a leap to the Nikon digital equipment I use today. I enjoy the sharpness and clarity of the images that digital cameras are capable of producing. I take great pride in my work, specializing in modern, fresh, and inspired images for my clients. I invite you to browse my website and preview my work. I hope you enjoy what I have posted here! As time goes on and I continue to build my portfolio, I will add more content to the site, so check back often to see my newest work!
Services offered:

* Conventions
* Trade Shows
* Corporate Meetings
* Theatrical
* Awards
* Corporate Functions
* Equestrian Events
* Racing of all kinds
* Parties
* ...and more!
Mission Statement

My mission is simple and straightforward: I aim to provide high quality photographic services to clients at fair and reasonable rates.




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